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Creating new partnerships

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Creating new partnerships

There are currently two forms of partnership operating within the context of e-laborate: those related to textual material and those related to datasets. Below we explain how a new partnership in one of these areas can be initiated.

When setting up a new partnership, you should appoint a project leader and a data manager (these can be the same person). The project leader should inform the users involved of the rules applicable within the partnership. These may vary from project to project. The advantage of e-laborate is that it allows users a lot of freedom in how they approach the material. On the other hand, this does mean that all sorts of things can be done with it. It is the project leader ??? and not the developers at the NIWI, for example ??? who is responsible for regulating and organising the work conducted within the partnership.

If you wish to establish a new partnership, you must inform the E-laborate Steering Group of your intention. It will ensure that you are authorised to perform the operations necessary to produce a new project page.

Creating a new TEXT partnership
Creating a new DATASET pertnership

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