e-laborate (en)

e-laborate: a digital platform for partnerships in the humanities and social sciences

This website is intended as a virtual workplace for researchers in the humanities and social sciences. Texts and data collections are placed here so that a group of users can explore the potential and find out how to enhance the usefulness of such a virtual workplace. It will be easy for researchers from the disciplines concerned to set up electronic partnerships in which they can share material, information and tools.

For collaboration around text we refer you to the folder Platform Vaderlandsche Letteroefeningen (VLO). For collaboration concerning datasets, please go to the folder Samenwerkingsverband X-past (first click the flag 'Nederlands'; in the top right cormer of this window; the X-past pages are all in English).

e-laborate was started by the Netherlands Institute for Scientific Information Services (NIWI-KNAW). It was funded by NIWI, from the Digitisation Fund of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW), and from the DARE services tender 2004 of SURF.

If you have any questions or comments about e-laborate, or would like to register as a user, please contact Joris van Zundert.

You will find a general guide to i-Tor on its website.


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